I’m an interpreter. And I really, really like to think about interpreting.

Welcome to The Interpreter Speaks! I am a certified interpretive guide that really likes to think about her job. I like to interpret science and ecology to audiences of all sizes. I have a vast range of interests that stretch from child psychology to knitting to World War II history to black and white movies. I’m hoping to stretch out my understanding of the interpretive field here and talk about the things that help me do what I do best. (Some may say that would be watch Star Trek and knit. I beg to differ.)


In the best traditions of interpretation, that was my Introduction to this little program. Now let’s talk about What to Expect.

  • Reviews. There are lots of things that make my job easier. Foot inserts, water bottles, warm tights, twiddles for my hands… the list goes on. We’ll discuss things that I need to have around and things that I just find useful to have around. 
  • Readings. I am a consummate re-reader, so all of the “texts” get a lot of use in my space. Let’s read some of them together and discuss it.
  • Cool things I’m looking at. I love to go to museums, zoos, nature centers and . We’ll get some updates on the good examples of interpretation I see – in a museum setting as well as outside of it.
  • Awesome interactions. Although names and locations will be changed, we’ll have some examples of the inspiring interactions one can have when interpreting effectively. Feel encouraged to share your own!
  • Issues I’m dealing with as an interpreter. Interpreters face a unique situation in being required to have so much content and program knowledge, dealing with the public constantly, and in general having a lot to keep in their brain. We’ll talk about some of the things I struggle with, some of the things I feel I’ve succeeded with, and some of the things I may have yet to face.
  • So much more! Interpretation is an enormous discipline encompassing so much. There are so many topics I’m excited to talk about with the museum community while I make my way through it and I haven’t even thought of most of them. I can’t wait to share my thoughts about things big and small.


So that’s What to Expect. The next step is actually doing it, right?


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The Interpreter Speaks

I am a certified interpretive guide and I really like to write about it. A lot.

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